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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

About Saint Patrick's Day 2018 | St Patrick's Day History, Meaning, Traditions of St Patrick's Day 2018

About Saint Patrick's Day 2018 | St Patrick's Day History, Meaning, Traditions of St Patrick's Day 2018

Hey Friends, First of All Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2018 to all of you Guys. Hope everyone is enjoying this Amazing Festival and already start preaparing Tasty St Patricks Day Food Recipes. Recently I posted Facts about St Patrick's Day which got huge response from Users. They want to know more about St Patricks Day and request me to Post More Information of St Patrick's Day, Its History & Traditions. So I created this Post in which i will tell you everything about Saint Patrick's Day

st patrick's day information

St Patrick's day Information

Who is St Patrick?

Saint Patrick was a Romano-British Christian missionary of fifth-century  and Pope in Ireland. He is the patron saint of Ireland. He was also Known as the "Apostle of Ireland". He was a Christian preacher who brings and Teach Christianity to Irish in the AD 400s.

Where was St Patrick born?

Saint Patrick was not Irish. He was born in Roman Family in Wales / Scotland in the Late 4th Century.

Who is St Patrick?

What is St Patrick's Day?

Saint Patrick's Day (Feast of Saint Patrick) is a religious Festival celebrated all over the World in the memory of Death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It Started as a Religious Festival in Seventh Century has began as a religious feast day in the 17th century has moved into various of festivals across the world celebrating Irish culture with Foods, Music, Dancing, Wearing Green Dresses and marching in Parades.

When is saint patrick's day 2018?

There is no variation in Date of St Patrick's Day. It is celebrated on fixed date 17 March each year. This year also St Patrick's Day 2018 will be celebrated on 17th March 2018.

17 march saint patrick day

Why is St Patrick's day celebrated?

It is Celebrated in the Memory of Death of Saint Patrick, Foremost Saint of Ireland. He did so many good works for Irish People.

Is St Patrick's Day 2018 a holiday?

St Patrick's Day is not Global Holiday. In most of countries even in the United States of America , St. Patrick’s Day is an unofficial observation (holiday) . It is  officially holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, mall Caribbean island called Montserrat, Newfoundland

St Patrick's day history

St Patrick's day traditions and Customs:- 

1. People of Chicago city in USA Celebrates St Patrick's Day by disposing Green Colour dye into the Chicago River. It takes around 35-40 tons of green dye to get the river colour turn into festive Colour of St Patrick's Day.

St Patrick's day traditions and Customs

2. One of the Tradition of Irish is to Pinch Person who didn't wear Green on St Patrick's Day.

irish traditions for st patrick's day

3. The Colour Traditionally related with St Patrick's Day was Blue not Green Colour. To Read More Fun Facts, Visit - Saint Patrick's Day Fun Facts 2018

irish traditions for st patrick's day

4. It is Believed that St Patrick  thrown all Snakes out from Ireland.

st patrick's day traditions

5. Traditional Food Dishes of Saint Patrick's Day is Corned Beef and cabbage.

st patrick's day food traditions

St Patricks Day History (Video)

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