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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Interesting Facts you never know about St Patrick's Day | St Patrick's Day Fun Facts 2018

St Patrick's Day Facts

Want to know some interesting facts about St Patrick's Day? Well knowing about any Festival or Person is always interesting and Funny. Even though I am not Irish but I celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with my College Irish Friends. I am always keen to know  Facts about Any Country Religious Festival so I did some Research on Internet and found Some Amazing Information about St Patrick's Day. I made a list of Some Interesting as well as Fun Facts About Saint Patrick's Day which I want to share with you Guys. So let's have a look at Saint Patrick's Day Facts below in the Post.

Interesting St patrick's day facts 2018

Interesting St Patrick's Day Facts

1) St Patrick's Day is celebrated in the Memory of Death of Saint Patrick

2) St Patrick Day is National Holiday in Ireland and celebrated on 17 March each year all over the World

3) Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City is one of the world’s biggest parades. More than 200,000 Marchers Participated in this St Patrick' Day Parade in New York.

St patrick day new york parade

4) Earlier St Patrick’s Day was strictly religious holiday in Ireland and nation pubs were closed on this Day (17 March). Now (After 1970), St Patrick's Day was changed to a national holiday.

5) Corned Beef and cabbage are the traditional food dishes of Saint Patrick's Day.

6) St Patrick's Day has become famous Holiday for the people of United States of America. People usually Wear Green and eat Corned Beef and Cabbage on this Day.

saint patrick's day facts

7) Any Person whether Irish or not Wear Green Colour Clothes on this Day.

Interesting St Patrick's Day Facts

8) The First St Patrick's Day was conducted in New York City in the year 1766

st patricks facts new york parade

9) The Pot of Gold, Leprechauns and Shamrock are related with Saint Patrick's Day.

St Patricks facts for Kids

10) Shamrock is the Symbol of St Patrick's Day.

Shamrock is the Symbol of St Patrick's Day

Want to Know More Details about Feast of St Patrick? Visit the Link Given below

St Patricks day Fun facts

1) Saint Patrick was not Irish. Even Though Saint Patrick had Introduced Christianity in Ireland in the year 432 but Patrick himself was not Irish. He was born in Roman Family in Wales / Scotland in the Late 4th Century. He was British.

Saint Patrick was British

2) There are more Irish People in United States than Ireland. In United States, there are 34 Million Irish Approximately where as in Ireland there are 4 to 5 million Irish people only.

3) On Saint Patrick's Day, People Drink 13 million of Guinness Glasses which is 2 times of People Drink on Normal Day.

4) The Actual Colour Of St Patrick's Day was Blue but it changed to green because of Green Colour in national flag of Ireland and also Green Colour has used by many Irish Revolutionary Groups.

st patricks day fun facts

5) Nickname in Irish for Patrick is "Paddy" not "Patty".

6) In reality, St Patrick never thrown any Snakes out from Ireland. It is just believe of Irish People.

7) Number of United States People Born in Ireland is approx. 125022.

8) Chicago city in USA Celebrates St Patrick's Day by disposing Green Colour dye into the Chicago River. It takes around 35-40 tons of green dye to get the river colour turn into festive Colour of St Patrick's Day.

Chicago Color in green colour - St Patricks Day facts

9) One of the Tradition of Irish is to Pinch Person who didn't wear Green on St Patrick's Day.

st patricks day fun facts

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Facts about St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day History Facts

st patrick's day facts legend

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